What we do

We create a custom workout program based on your goals and physical condition.

No two people are the same – we have different goals, different bodies. Our workouts should be unique too.  Off-the-shelf programs just don’t work.  The risk for injury is high and the reward is low.

We start with a fitness consultation.

The fitness consultation sets the foundation for your Custom Workout Program.  We review your goals, weaknesses, limitations, and overall physical condition.  We then develop a custom program that’s designed specifically to meet your performance goals, taking into account any weaknesses you may have.

You choose the workout format that works for you.

Just like no 2 bodies are the same, no 2 people’s lives are the same.

Whether you:

  • work out at the  gym or at home
  • have a lot of money or scrape to get by
  • love variation or prefer the same old routine …

all of our programs are completely custom so you choose the format that works for you.  Choose from:


  • Train anywhere at any time
  • Online fitness evaluation
  • Custom program with video demonstrations
  • 3 day/week program options:
    • exercises changed monthly
    • exercises changed bi-weekly
    • exercises changed weekly


    • in-home or in-gym training
    • live or online (skype/facetime)
    • in-home or in-gym training
    • at corporation or location of choice