Your Trainer

Danny Muzzalupo / Coach Muzz

So why should you train with me?

Because creating custom workout programs is what I do.  And seeing my clients reach their goals is what drives me.

Need more reasons?

  •  I have a degree in Exercise Science
  •  I’m a certified personal trainer
  •  I have a lot of happy clients

A little history.

I suffered a few major injuries playing sports when I was young.  Went on to become a kicker in college, and chose to major in Exercise Science to better understand the body and how to prevent injury.  Putting my education to the test, I saw the impact strength and conditioning had not only on my overall fitness but on my kicking performance.  As a Kicking Coach and personal trainer, I now develop custom workout programs that focus on individual weaknesses and areas of focus.

Custom workout programs work.

The benefits of a custom workout program apply to everyone.  You need a workout program that is built for you based on your goals and your physical condition.  Off-the-shelf programs just don’t work.  The risk for injury is high and the reward is low.

As a personal trainer, I’ve been developing custom workout programs for a wide variety of clients:

  • employees of corporate-sponsored fitness programs
  • high school, college, and adult athletes
  • post-physical therapy patients
  • individuals looking to lose weight, improve endurance, tighten and tone, or just look and feel better.

Let’s set your goals and get to work!

Danny Muzzalupo / Coach Muzz